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From the moment you choose Dream Cruises we promise to inspire you with memorable experiences, creating new dreams as you explore new horizons and make new discoveries. As a DreamElite member, your experience on board Asia’s premier luxury cruise ships will be further enhanced by a host of specially tailored benefits and privileges.

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Membership Tiers

We recognise and appreciate your loyalty, and each membership tier brings its own unique privileges. Our growing understanding of your tastes and preferences allows us to enhance every aspect of your voyage. If you are aged 18 or over you can become a General member upon enrolment. Then start earning Dream Points every time you sail on board any vessel in the expanding Dream Cruises fleet, which currently comprises Genting Dream, World Dream, and Explorer Dream.

You start earning Dream Points every time you sail on board, and begin your ascent through our membership tiers.
Your exclusive privileged journey begins with only 500 points.
A higher level of recognition, with more special benefits and privileges.
Unforgettable cruising at the highest level.
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Junior Membership

Privileged DreamElite member status has now been extended to members’ children through the Family Account. While you enjoy the advantages of your DreamElite membership, the cruising experience of your children aged 2-17 will also be enhanced by a range of Junior member benefits specially tailored for them.

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Priority Services. Extra Value. Unique Experiences. We create extraordinary personalised experiences for you, our highly valued guest.

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